League 2 stats and best bets – Saturday 19th February

Although the best bets in this write up are backed up by statistics they are not certainties and still could lose. I will use the statistics to point out likely events in these games, and the best bets are the types of bets that I believe stand a good chance of coming in. The best bets will vary in price as this is a case of taking what the stats give us, rather than trying to force bets for the sake of it. I will be as transparent as possible in each write up about why I feel each bet is best bet material. All bets are rated on a 1-3 points system of how strong we believe the chance of it happening is, with 3 being the strongest. This is just an indication of my confidence and should not be taken as advice on what amount to place on a bet, you should only bet what you can afford to lose.


Exeter vs Barrow

Exeter average 5.73 corners per game and 5.67 per home game. Barrow average 5.55 corners per game and 5.20 per away game. Exeter average just 1.27 yellows per game and 1.13 per home game. Barrow average 2.71 yellows per game and 3.33 per away game, so as well as corners it looks highly likely that Barrow will be given the most booking points.

11+ match corners – 6/5 Skybet (2 points)

2+ corners each team in each half – 7/2 Skybet (1 point)

Barrow most booking points – 10/11 Skybet (3 points)

Author: Eva Gray